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Telecom operators revenues are declining rapidly in the face of competition from OTT communication apps, which do not contribute to network costs.

Mobile network congestion at peak hours is a worldwide epidemic, frustrating internet users worldwide, destroying customer experience and threatening the business of many smaller OTTs.

Teralight – OTT Solutions address these issues through its proprietary analytics of data from its test call generation network (TeraNet), deep packet inspection (DPI) tools and the operator’s customer detail records (CDRs). Data remains in-country, as required by data privacy and security laws.

Every day fraudsters around the world circumvent legitimate international calls and SMSs by diverting communications from their usual paths to the internet, then complete the communications as local calls in the destination country using SIM boxes. This deprives the operator in the destination country of huge international revenues and degrades the quality and reliability of the communications.

Teralight – PurgeFraud detects this illegal traffic using its test call generation (TCG) network (TeraNet) and the customer detail records (CDRs) of the operation in the destination country, allowing the local operator to de-validate the SIM cards in the SIM box, and, if the customer wishes, to geo-locate the SIM-box so that it can be confiscated by local authorities.

WiFi + is a division of Teralight, which provides third party connectivity solutions and professional services to both Enterprise and Telecom Operator customer/clients possessing a diverse range of requirements and data sensitivity prerequisites. Current customers include a large US Government defense entity, which has enlisted Teralight WiFI + to engineer, build, implement, and manage a large private WiFi network, which today exists as one of the largest in the world.

Teralight WiFi + has provided many large enterprise and government clients with sophisticated wireless and wireline integrated solutions, many specific to WiFi and Internet Networking environments. With multiple leading technology partners such as Aruba, Xyzel, and others, Teralight is capable of mixing and matching options, and thus providing a fully customizable and sustainable long term network solution as per the customer/clients requirements. Teralight WiFi + also provides both managed and professional services for its clients, creating a seamless cradle to implementation experience.

TLT Academy possesses an experienced and resourceful team specialized in training and talent development, and with a number of seasoned trainers and consultants from across the globe, the company delivers highly interactive practical training programs and managed projects geared to meet its clients’ specific and individual requirements. With over a decade of experience, TLT Academy looks forward to continuing upon its success and providing its diverse range of clients across the world with exceptional training services built around the most cutting edge of technologies.

Wantok Networks Ltd provides both consumer and enterprise wireless LTE communications solutions in Vanuatu, where next generation network design affords the company the opportunity to provide leading edge technology, as well as best in class customer support and service. Wantok’s 4G LTE network is among the most advanced networks in the region and provides both mobile and fixed high speed broadband and voice communications.

Wantok was the first 4G LTE service provider in Vanuatu and is continually working to stay ahead of the curve, enlisting advanced technologies to fully serve its customer bases’ primary use communication service requirements. Wantok provides wireless high speed broadband capacity, high quality local and international voice services, managed network services, as well as a comprehensive host of additional communications services.

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