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Teralight Carrier Solutions provides anti-fraud and data management services and tools to telcom operators.

Wantok Vanuatu is a telecom operator in Vanuatu, South Pacific.

Wantok WiFi + is a wifi network service provider in the UAE, Vanuatu and Pakistan.

Teralight Carrier Solutions is a SaaS services and solutions provider focused on minimizing revenue losses within the global telecoms sector. Provided under its Purgefraud brand, Teralight’s fraud detection, monitoring, and management services include TCG (test call generation) Active SIM Box Fraud Detection, CAMS: CDR Analytics, CPE/PBX Fraud Detection, A number interconnect agreement compliance testing, as well as a comprehensive host of additional network testing services.

Teralight’s solution to combatting OTT Bypass

In an industry first, Teralight has combined the capabilities of its global test call generation (TCG) network covering over 80 countries, with output from deep packet inspection (DPI) tools. This combination provides operators with unprecedented, highly customizable information regarding international PSTN- and GSM-originated calls that are hijacked in transit and illegally terminated on smartphone apps.

Wantok Vanuatu provides both consumer and enterprise wireless LTE communications solutions in Vanuatu, where next generation network design affords the company the opportunity to provide leading-edge technology, as well as best in class customer support and service. Wantok’s 4G LTE network is among the most advanced networks in the region and provides both mobile and fixed high-speed broadband and voice communications.

Wantok was the first 4G LTE service provider in Vanuatu and is continually working to stay ahead of the curve, enlisting advanced technologies to fully serve its customer bases’ primary use communication service requirements. Wantok provides wireless high-speed broadband capacity, high quality local and international voice services, managed network services, as well as a comprehensive host of additional communications services.

Wantok WiFi Plus takes the pain out of the WiFi experience by de-congesting bandwidth at peak hours (we implement telcom-grade policy controls) and by avoiding repetitive logins from users we already know. We are now testing these solutions in Wantok’s public wifi network, that will feature a basic Free service, in addition to premium business class and first class service. By partnering with a world leader in WiFi network management platforms, we are offering next generation service levels to hotel chains in the UAE and elsewhere. Security and protection of personal information are concerns for all of us, and we address them head-on as advocates for the final users. Wantok WiFi Plus is a division of Teralight FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE.

About us

The Teralight journey … so far 

Tom Wilson founded Teralight in Dubai 14 years ago to advise on the deployment of fiber optic cable networks in the region, and in particular in Pakistan. That was the origin of Teralight’s 22-man technical team in Islamabad.

Teralight’s customers began requesting SIM-box detection services, which led Teralight to create its test call generation network (TCG), which today generates test calls from over 70 countries. By tracing these calls to the country of termination, we are able to identify and notify telecom operators of the fraudulent calls, giving the operators the option of cutting off illegal by-pass lines.

As voice calls increasingly shifted to transmission over IP data networks (used for OTT communication apps), the fraudsters evolved, and so did we. Today Teralight can see when normal, paid international calls are being improperly terminated on OTT apps (so-call OTT by-pass), depriving telecom operators of legitimate revenue.

In November 2015, Teralight purchased Wantok Vanuatu, at that time an internet service provider. Since then Wantok became a fully licensed operator, and in February 2017 Wantok launched its voice service.

In 2014 Teralight assisted a branch of the military set up a wifi service at a base in the United Arab Emirates, and has been managing that installation continuously. In 2016 Teralight decided to develop this activity under the Wantok brand, and today is working with Wantok to deploy a public wifi offload network in Vanuatu. We are in discussions with ISPs in other countries for similar public wifi systems and we are proposing wifi services to hotels in the UAE and elsewhere in partnership with a global wifi network platform provider. We believe that WiFi is a very cost-effective way of reaching under-served communities, if managed and deployed properly.

Teralight Gateway Holdings Limited, incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, owns 100% of Teralight FZ LLC and Wantok Network Limited.

Investor Relations

To support its growth, Teralight invites potential qualified investors to contact us for more information:

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