Our approach to hotel WiFi Networks 

Today’s hotel wi-fi experience

  • Usually it’s really bad – the network always seems congested
  • Customers, visitors and staff all have smartphones, tablets and computers
  • They are accessing more and more video
  • … and hotels end up with increased telecom costs

Wantok WiFi plus attacks the heart of the problem with telco-grade controls 

  • We identify and control the 5% of abusers
  • We de-congest your wifi network
  • We improve your customers’ experience
  • We may even earn certain hotels revenues from sale of premium speed access
  • We hold the line or even decrease your telco cost

Our methodology

  • We review your present WiFi network
  • We can also include your video-on-demand system
  • We review your costs
  • We review your objectives
  • We propose a solution to better meet your objectives and lower your costs

Example solution

  • Wantok takes over takes over the telecom charges
  • We optimize your wifi network installation and configuration
  • At peak hours we impose reasonable limits on the few bandwidth hogs you have
  • Your guests only login once
  • All visitors receive free basic service (for chats, email, web browsing)
  • … plus a limited allotment of high speed service (for Skype, YouTube…)
  • Customers notified as they reach their limits
  • Additional high speed internet may be charged in three and four star hotels
  • Additional revenue is shared between the hotel and Wantok

Wantok Wifi+ Division
Teralight FZ LLC
Alfa Building #402, Knowledge Village
PO Box 500759
Dubai, UAE

Roschele Zurbito
Commercial Director
+971 4 375 1313